Becoming a Cosmic Adult

Every day when you open your eyes, you exist and interact in a universe of separation. Physical reality is modeled in such a way that you, the subject of your experience, are separated from the many objects in your field of reality. Or are you?

Many so-called right-brain people throughout the ages have pointed to a way of being in which nothing appears as separate, a reality in which the experience and the subject experiencing it are one and the same. Society, as it is based on separation, likes to slice and dice things up. And so it is those who speak of oneness and point to an experience of unity are classified under the banner of spirituality while others, those who also dream of new horizons of human understanding, are labeled scientists. Others, again, are called religious and the list goes on.

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A New Beginning for All Creation

What would you put in a time capsule to explain to future generations, this transformational process we are going through now?

This question was asked of me recently and this is what flowed out of my heart, speaking in the plural as a literary device to answer this question for all of humanity. A wonderful exercise of expression and exploration which I offer to my fellow human travelers and future generations – from my heart to yours, in appreciation of who you are and for sharing this amazing journey during this grand shift in consciousness.

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The First Physical Wave of Evolution

It appears to me that the first wave of major human evolution has actually already been present here for some years now. It has been effective in reshaping cultures, redefining belief systems and a portal to an ever expanding knowledge and connection; I am talking about the Internet.

It is by far the largest social network on the planet, it creates the ability to connect almost anyone regardless of status, culture, time and space, with a convenience unparalleled or ever seen before in this reality. The free movement of truth has begun to undermine the manipulated flow of information and people are quite rightly beginning to question what they are presented with. This is happening to such an extent that entirely new political and social structures are emerging.

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An Exercise in Unconditional Love

Each time you are outside, or at work, or in the park, or even when you are watching television or reading a magazine, whenever you see a human being, cancel out all ‘random thought’ (which is often pre-programmed into you in some way, form or shape by past experience and the input of the society around you) and instead simply repeat internally, while looking quietly at the person:

“This man is my brother” or “This woman is my sister”.

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