A Thoughtful Exercise

Working with and on your thoughts and belief systems is the easiest and at the same time hardest exercise in self-empowerment you can embark on.

To begin, just sit down in a place of your convenience, or take a walk, and ask yourself these questions, while letting the answers come from the deepest place within yourself that you can allow yourself to communicate from:

  • What are thoughts anyway?
  • Where do my thoughts originate from?
  • Where do I end and my thoughts start?
  • Are my thoughts truly my own?

Kwan Yin

One thought on “A Thoughtful Exercise”

  1. replied already on facebook – this is the same reply :

    After having thought-through, thought is an answer to a wish to understand, attracted by frequential proximity (what you believe, or you have been forced to believe, you attract similar beliefs that expand on your own beliefs) – ultimately, they are energies that are fractionized and made separate from the inner personal body temple – many of the thoughts are timeshifted (they come back after you have forgotten about that particular thought) – some are negative others are positive – they come home to every person from where they originated —

    Thought is a fractionalized energy from the one energy that a person is …

    ah, so much to say about this, but in simplicity, thought is a wave that is of human nature … (I know this is a partial explanation) 🙂 <3

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