Resolving Discord and Creating Grandness

Do you notice repeated occurrences in life, the very situation we try to avoid comes back and visits us again and again? Even if we try to change our place, our jobs, our relationships, even if we try to hide, the same situation comes back to visit us in another person, or in another form.

Sometimes we try to help someone resolve a bad situation, and suddenly we find ourselves in the same situation.

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A New Beginning for Spiritual Seekers

Looking outward, there is much chaos in the world.  How we see this, of course, is always a matter of perspective, but we are all affected by the continued drama of war, aggression, violence, political fighting and angling for power and seemingly limited resources on the world stage and smaller stages of life, even though there has been a great awakening worldwide in which more and more people have refused to accept the status quo.

Some are fighting back. Some are standing up and shouting the biggest ‘No’ they have ever shouted. Some are becoming depressed and anxious. Some are waiting for mother ships of benevolent extra-terrestrial beings to land and save us.

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