You Are a Master of Time

Don’t Ever Doubt Yourself,

Not Even for a Second

You may or may not be aware of it — and whether or not you are really does not matter in the end — but you are a master of time.

The concept of time, and I am specifically referencing linear time here, exists only in your head. Your heart & belly know no time and, honestly, would want nothing to do with it in case they did.

Your biological cellular structure, your atoms and your electrons… they know not of the passage of linear time — not the way in which you and your mind do. Biology knows of the passing of circular time, yes, but as you will most likely be aware, linear and circular time barely have anything to do with one another.

A circle has no beginning, no end.
You are that circle. Your mind is but one line.

A circle has no direction.
A line is but a direction.

Linear beingness knows only forward and backward at best.
A circle has two infinite vectors: INWARD and OUTWARD.

Such is how you travel on the journey that is You.

Don’t ever doubt yourself, not even for a second… Every single second on the clock, the reality of which your mind has convinced itself, is really an escape hatch — a portal — to countless dimensions, infinite worlds, boundless versions of you and all that is you.

You play with
weave your world
from these
portals of time,
all the time

If you could actually observe how you weave infinity and infinite potential and the endless spectrum that is You into this linear expression, moment after moment, you would truly come alive.

You would sing every song you’d ever heard, you’d play every instrument that you’ve ever dreamt of mastering.

Your smile would never again leave your face, and your eyes would show all the ageless ages of the alchemy that is the marriage of you and your universe.

All you have to do to begin is to dare and change your perception. Examine your universe. The evidence is all around you.

Every single second exists because you are aware of yourself.
Every single second is yours because you have created it.
Every single second, long ago or far away, is now.
Every single second can be reclaimed, recharged, relived.

Play with time. Explore time.
Play with timelessness. Explore timelessness.
There are friends, lovers, universes and unicorns waiting for you.

You reading this right now is synchronistic evidence of… you guessed it… your impeccable timing.

You are a master of time.
You always have been.
You always will be.

Join us on the AscendoSphere, where we play with and ‘reverse engineer’ the limitations that are the result of the belief system of linear time, non-stop, if you’ll pardon the pun.

See you on board!

Kwan Yin

13 thoughts on “You Are a Master of Time”

  1. Shared on facebook – simple, clear, efficient and practical ‘infinite information’ – it is indeed so, there is a timeless core that acts instantly (heart and belly express it very well) – it is about choosing the easy and direct way of living 🙂 super 🙂 — a pearl of a text!

    1. Thank you for your comment and your timely (and timeless) presence in this moment! Let’s play! Sending waves of well-being and abundant Love on a vector with no beginning or end!

  2. Just kinda starting to get it…….this way is SO much more fun! An article to re-read and ponder……and to have fun with it. Think we can lighten up a bit……Such a great article dear Kwan Yin, thank you. Awakens a remembering…….feels very exciting. Love, Orchid <3

  3. Here we are, more than a year later. Again this post touches me deeply, what a beautiful article.

    What a magical reality.

    There certainly are times that we are able to touch on this, knowing it to be more real than anything else. Then, ‘somehow’ we move away from it again, into more density. More and more are we learning that the ‘somehow’ is however fully our responsibility. We are then simply not opening up to this reality but choosing to go in circles in long known illusions. You could wonder why. I really don’t see the point anymore, and actually haven’t for a while.

    Thank you, Kwan Yin, for reposting this powerful information. Thank you, very much!

    1. It certainly is a matter of responsibility, we are creating reality whether we are aware of it or not… and especially once that awareness has been awoken, there can indeed be no excuses 🙂

      The question then becomes: was there ‘ever’ a point to going round in circles and staying stuck in a space of helplessness and powerlessness?

      So, what if you could go back over your timeline and update these ‘past’ events with your ‘current’ setting, therefore enhancing your ‘current’ future?

      Wouldn’t that be cool?
      I think you might need a madman with a box! 🙂
      I hear they’ll help you out in return for some custard & fish fingers!

      Much love!
      Kwan Yin

      1. Custard and fish fingers it is! In a heartbeat!

        Wow, Kwan Yin, yes, thank you for the suggestion to simply update my settings in ‘past’ events. That would be and is awesomely cool! Thank you, very much again!

  4. Awesome beautiful and powerful post Kwan Yin, thank you! <3 Yes, we are truly the masters of time, time is only an application. Living consciously every moment we experience timelessness. But when we live from the mind, time seems longer or shorter, when we are enjoying ourselves many hours pass but it seems like it was just a moment, and the same way when we are sad or stressed even a few moments seem to be many hours, this is because of the mind constantly creating something called a time (with a past and a future) this is truly an illusion. Time is truly under our control, I have noticed that when I choose to live consciously, fully experiencing and appreciating every moment, every so called "chores" from the human perspective seems to be done effortlessly. Choosing to live consciously with appreciation takes us to a stress-free, time -free place. Once again thank you for this beautiful post my friend. Blessings!

  5. Playing with timelessness… a truly fascinating journey of learning to navigate through different dimensions while having to do your utmost and staying clear of belief systems that want to keep you entrapped in an old paradigm…

    Love your article, Kwan Yin! Right up my alley 😉

    Much love,
    Jasmine <3

  6. Thank you for this, Kwan Yin <3 Reminds me of a beloved Time Lord we all know and love courtesy of the BBC. 🙂 We are all our very own T.A.R.D.I.S.'s, Time Lords and more! WHO knew? 🙂
    Much Love, Amber <3

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