Being Fully Present

Many of us worry about the future a lot. Worrying about the future, keeps you in mind-controlled planning of the future, and the future never comes.

Even that which is your future, can only become this now moment.

If you are lost in the mind story of a future, you have missed YOU in this moment. For you live in this world of the NOW, not a past or a future world.

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Spiritual Mind: A Reality Check

The single most important action for awakening humans is shifting from the head to the heart space. On the path of exploring consciousness, we have come to understand the illusory construct of this reality and we know that the only thing real is love.

We all want nothing more than to be in this beautiful and creative space all the time. It is, in essence, what we are.

However, there is this program called personality.
And it has a handler, the ego.

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