Inside Out Change

My report for October highlighted the need for patience with life’s challenges and a willingness to make space for woundedness — our own and that of others — without having to jump in and ‘make things right’.

This compassionate patience — holding a safe space of acceptance in the face of pain and a willingness to acknowledge and not turn away from suffering — was a potent force last month and all efforts made to patiently co-exist with difficult feelings, challenging circumstances and those difficult to bear aspects of ourselves and others, begin to pay-off in November as Pluto aligns with Uranus and Chiron for a relationship which continues until February 2015.

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Working With the Moon Cycles

For thousands of years people lived largely in harmony with the rhythms of nature to ensure their survival. Keeping pace with the course of the moon, they were able to predict the forces that exerted influence on all life forms contributing to the success or failure of everything from planting, harvest, storage, hunting, to healing the body ailments.

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The Energy of Love

“If you run into your greatest fear, all the mind wants to do is run away so that it is not being confronted by this fear, so that the fear cannot be opened up and yet, when you do, in it, you can find the energy of love.” — Ekara *

Energy raises itself naturally. It sounds so very simple. And yet to properly understand and apply this principle is a significant movement forward in our understanding of reality creation.

Those of us on the personal ascension path have experienced this again and again as the personality is systematically dismantled. And dismantling this ‘house of cards’ is our ticket to freedom.

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Can you imagine what it would be like to completely let go of all types of expectation?

When expectation comes in, you create a predefined set of parameters. You create a predefined image of what you hope to find. This has always been the case — and you have even been taught that this is power, that preparing yourself for things to come is intelligent.

Well, it is indeed intelligent, but it is NOT CONSCIOUS.

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