Complete Beings Don’t Take, They Share (Preview)

Consciousness is not a junkie dependant on its mental fix of exchange. Consciousness is complete and that can never change, although it is ever changing and never repeats the same pattern twice.

Whenever you feel a lack of completeness is the time to commit to memory the paragraph above this one. The nature of feeling incomplete is to be found in the unnecessary repetitiveness of life in the mental matrix. The result of feeling incomplete is the illusion of separation and this in turn ‘makes real’ the illusion of form, time, space, death and exchange.

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Judgement: The Blame Game

“Judgments are preconceived ideas and with that we determine our reality.” – Lao Tze

We humans are full of judgment — about self but mostly about others and the reality around us. We judge all the time, whether we are aware of it or not. We deem something right or wrong, beautiful or ugly, good or bad, merely because we are living in a dualistic reality.

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