The Lemurian Flower of Life Grid

I’d like to take this opportunity to make you aware of our three inaugural “Ascension Hangouts”, which we recently created on The Rising Way’s AscendoSphere (the official name of our Members & Subscribers Area).

In case you have not had a chance to watch these videos yet, the next four and a half hours might just be a pivotal turning point in your spiritual, energetic and metaphysical awakening!

These three broadcasts can in essence be seen as a trilogy and should be watched in order for best understanding of the material.

In episode 1 and 2, together with Lotus and Orchid, I tackle some in-depth concepts such as the recent Passion Portal we all moved through on 11-11-14 and what this means for humanity. We also have an in-depth discussion on the changes happening to ley lines as the Earth prepares to reactivate the Flower of Life Grid as her new geometrical pattern. The third episode is hosted not by myself but by Gaia and Lotus instead, who answer audience questions that, while being directed at the one asking the question, can easily be called universal. You’ll want to know the answer to these questions!

To access these amazing and FREE shows, recorded live via Google Hangout technology, you will want to create a FREE MEMBERSHIP PROFILE on our AscendoSphere, which you can do here. Once your free membership has been created, join the Ascension Hangouts Study Group (again, it’s absolutely free!) and then select one of these three shows:

11 November 2014 w/ Kwan Yin
Ascension Hangout 11 November 2014
click image to access the Ascension Hangout recording

In The Rising Way’s inaugural Ascension Hangout, presented November 11, 2014, an 11-11 day which is a very important ascension portal, Kwan Yin, Lotus, and Orchid share what this means for Humanity and for YOU.

In this video, some of the topics include the importance of the geometry of this Passion Portal, the end of the wheel of reincarnation, the opening up of the personal ascension path for all of humanity, a replacement of the Akashic chakra system with the Lemurian kakra system, the rise of Lemurian energies and a resurgence in Lemurian ways of being, an expected increase in the experience of multidimensionality, and the replacement of the Earth’s ley lines with the Flower of Life grid.

In short, this first Ascension Hangout is packed full of information, most of which will be discussed in more depth in the coming times.

The feeling we are left with is one of joy, liberation, and empowerment, of finally being able to leave the old behind and to step into a new and multidimensional reality without the need of having to process anything anymore.

The doorway to a magical reality has opened today.

12 November 2014 w/ Kwan Yin
Ascension Hangout 12 November 2014
click image to access the Ascension Hangout recording

In this second Ascension Hangout, Kwan Yin, Lotus and Orchid Rising dive deeper into many of the topics discussed in the 11-11 Ascension Hangout and answer viewer questions.

Another jam-packed hangout, topics include multi-dimensional experiences, archetypical dream state vs. dreamtime experiences, how to bypass 4D archetypical spaces, efforts by the control system to prevent souls incarnated as humans from ascending, and the unstoppable “jail break” that is underway and being assisted by Ascended Life.

  • What is the Flower of Life grid and what are its implications as ley lines are replaced by this grid?
  • When exactly did the fluid Lemuria exist and why does this play such an important role at this point in time?
  • What are timelines all about?
  • What is New Energy Numerology and how can we use this to our advantage?

This and so much more is discussed in this latest Ascension Hangout on The Rising Way AscendoSphere.

14 November 2014 w/ Gaia
Ascension Hangout 14 November 2014
click image to access the Ascension Hangout recording

This 3rd Ascension Hangout was created upon special request by Gaia who personally wanted to answer a few of our subscribers’ burning questions. It turned into a Q&A of a little over an hour filled with new information. 

There was a question about the elementals and the elements. Gaia extensively described the elemental world and how this 2D realm stretches through the time and space continuum as it accompanies the three-dimensional realm in experience and expression. We learn how we can connect with our elemental self to avoid and erase disease. Gaia also talks about the change that will occur with the elements as we know them, as they are reflections of and generated by lower frequency geometries.

She further explains how the control system had syphoned the energy of the kakra system into the three power centers on earth: Vatican City, the city of London, and Washington DC. From there, the energy was used to feed the ley lines. Now that this is coming to an end, Gaia’s second kakra, the heart kakra, is waking up again. Fascinating to hear what will be happening to the buildings that were erected to divert the natural flow of energy into these ley lines (cathedrals, obelisks, etc) as the Flower of Life geometry is replacing this artificial grid once more.

Gaia talks about black holes, far casters, new energy numerology, the expansion of the Council of Twelve into the Imzaia Consciousness, and Ascension Centers. To summarize, this Ascension Hangout is an absolute “must watch” if you want to stay in the loop of current (inter)planetary events!

I hope you will enjoy these recordings thoroughly!

You too can have your questions answered during these Ascension Hangouts! Go here on The Rising Way’s website or go here on the AscendoSphere to add your question to the list.

Love always,

Kwan Yin

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3 thoughts on “The Lemurian Flower of Life Grid”

  1. Having watched all three of these as they were recorded, I can attest to the WOW-WOW-WOW factor in each of these Hangouts. These are simply not to be missed. They should be on everyone’s list of “things-you-really-need-to-know-if-you-are-currently-incarnated-on-Earth” and shared far and wide! What an amazing gift from Gaia and Ascended Life. Thank you from the totality of my heart and soul, dear Kwan Yin <3 <3 <3

  2. Thank you so much, dear Kwan Yin, for posting these three incredible Ascension Hangout videos for the readers of The Rising Way. As is said in the description, they are packed full of information which is very important for what’s directly ahead of us.
    For all of you who might have “missed” these shows, they are an absolute “must watch”! And I’m pretty sure that these shows might just be the incentive for you to do subscribe to the AscendoSphere so that you won’t miss any of the Ascension Hangouts that are still to come!
    Love, Jasmine <3

  3. A heartfelt thank you dear Kwan Yin and Gaia! <3 These shows fall into the 'not to be missed' category–major ascension updates for all of us! Massive expansion ahead! We had so much fun recording them–enjoy them with all our love! <3

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