Wake Up and Create Grandness

We are beloved children of the Universe, and the Universe takes care of all our needs in amazing ways. It is wonderful to know that the moment a situation is placed in front of us, the Universe provides us with the capability to deal with it.

This concept is true all the time in every situation. It may be a situation where we need to pay back our loans, or it may be a challenging exam, or interview, or a challenging relationship, or health problem, anything.

The Answers Are Always Present Within

It is my trust and knowing through the many experiences of my life journey that the Universe always provides for us. But it is we who blind ourselves with fearful mind stories about the situation, create and encourage stress thoughts about the situation and constantly try to search for answers from people and things on the outside.

The answer to every situation lies within us, as soon as a challenge presents itself in our space we get embodied with tools and wisdom to capably deal with the challenge. Since most of us are asleep to this knowledge we continue to seek for answers outside and most of our society on the outside runs on gossip of exaggeration and fear stories of terror and woundedness about everything.

Since we are asleep, we do not question these fear stories, we continue to believe in them and remain stuck creating stress which affects our body and mind. It is time we choose to wake up to question our fears and choose to connect with our wisdom within.

When we question our fear, our fear thoughts vanish, and when we choose to connect with our wisdom within we create grand solutions for our challenges, these grand solutions are great gifts not only for us but for the collective consciousness of humanity.

Become the Watcher of Your Mind

There are many many ways to connect with the wisdom within, it involves mindful awareness, knowing that the body and mind are our tools to connect with the world we can become the watchers of our mind, as soon as a watcher appears the fear thoughts vanish.

Choosing moments of silence and conscious awareness during the “busy” times of the day will help us to connect with our wisdom within.

To practice silent mindfulness, we can observe our breath for sometime, while observing ones breath surprisingly the thoughts vanish.

We can choose to do simple things with complete enjoyment like take a walk in nature, hug a tree, lie on the grass, talk to a flower, play with an animal, go to a park and hear the laughter of children, notice fish swim in water, walk barefoot on a beach, fly a kite, blow bubbles, just sit still and enjoy daydreaming — even though these are simple things when done with complete enjoyment they will connect us to our inner wisdom.

Making a meditation out of every activity of the day will also help us to connect with our inner wisdom and capably solve our challenges, for example if we are walking we can use all our senses to feel our feet touching the ground, feel the pressure, notice the sound, feel the texture of the ground, or while cleaning dishes we can make every moment of soaping, touching water, touching dishes a meditation by being mindfully aware of the moment to moment action of doing the dishes.

The Universe Loves You

It is important to know that we are capable of solving our challenges when we connect with our wisdom within. The Universe loves us immensely and prepares us for every challenge by placing the appropriate tools of wisdom within us.

It is our responsibility to life to find these tools and activate them.

We are a grand creation, let us choose to create grandness for ourselves, for humanity, and for this beautiful Planet!

Premlatha Rajkumar 

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10 thoughts on “Wake Up and Create Grandness”

  1. Appreciate your wisdom and your loving light my dear soul sister Jasmine, your Presence is healing and uplifting! Much Gratitude! Namaste to your gentle soul! _/_

  2. Such a beautiful and empowering message dearest Premlatha! The truth in simplicity! If we all were aware of these simple truths and practiced them consciously to the best of our ability consistently and continuously, what a different place our Earth would be! Love you very much sweet sister! Big hugs and a kiss from all of us to you and those you love! <3

  3. This has immediately become one of my most favourite articles on The Rising Way Magazine, dear Premlatha! And something to remember every second of every day… Thank you! <3

    1. Thank you for your kindness. I see your beautiful soul, your loving heart light, much gratitude for your Presence beloved Kwan Yin!

  4. An inspiring and thoughtful article, yet again, dearest Premlatha! <3 Your gift in sharing simple yet masterful steps to inner peace (that automatically touch others when we practice them in this beautiful holographic universe we live in) is very much appreciated and will help many. We all need these simple reminders, no matter where we are on the spectrum of enlightenment. You are a wise soul who is dearly loved, always! <3

    1. Yes, truly a much needed reminder! Life is so much kinder than we can ever imagine. Thank you for your Sweet Presence dear Amber, you are a grand blessing to this Planet! Namaste to your gentle soul! _/_

  5. Beautiful article, dear Premlatha. We so easily slip into fear patterns when we create our reality, when in truth we know that the universe only knows abundance in every way and will provide us with whatever we need in every moment. If we come from fear, then we’ll get an abundance of that also. The universe knows no duality. As you say, the answers are within and it is our choice to tap into that well of abundance at any given time.
    Thank you for your words of wisdom. Much love, Jasmine <3

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