Anunnaki Power & Universal Age of Transition ft. Andrew Bartzis

Anunnaki history, the global energy transition from 2011 to today, and the forging of a new timeline in galactic history is discussed in part 2 of TheLipTV’s interview with Andrew Bartzis, hosted by Sean Stone.

From the New World Order web of clones and psychic influence, to the true spiritual meaning of 9/11 and the ushering of a new age, Bartzis goes deeper into unravelling the cosmic riddles of truth and mystery.

Is there a new world war being fomented? Are there other beings on Earth that steer humanity? What will disclosure mean for the beings of Earth?


Source: TheLipTV Website – TheLipTV on YouTube

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One thought on “Anunnaki Power & Universal Age of Transition ft. Andrew Bartzis”

  1. Another thought provoking interview which is a definite Must Watch if you want to be informed about what is really making this reality tick! Thank you for putting this information out, dear Kwan Yin.

    Much love <3

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