The Ancient Wisdom of the Hawaiian Huna Philosophy

A long time ago, Hawaii was a mystical and magical place (and still is today in many ways). What made Hawaii especially magical in ages past was that there were shamans called kahunas that lived on its emerald islands.

These individuals experienced true nature of Reality, in which they realized several critical defining aspects of reality that were later taught to others in order to guide humanity towards a full Self-realized state of existence.

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Eclipses and their Seasons

Eclipses occur in groups of two or three within an eclipse season which lasts for 36 days. During this time any Full or New Moons occur as Lunar and Solar Eclipses respectively.

An eclipse season occurs while the Sun is within eighteen degrees of one of the Moon’s Nodes, that is the points on the Moon’s orbital path where it crosses the path of the Sun. Eclipse seasons arise every six months.

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Healing on the Quantum Level

We are beloved children of the Universe, multidimensional beings who live in many parallel and alternate dimensions. We have lived many lifetimes and we collect our wisdom from these experiences and we deal with everyday life situations from these experiences.

In these, our grand journeys, we meet with many people and many many challenging situations, and in every one of these experiences we tend to do the best we can. Consciously or unconsciously, we make vows, agreements and bond with people and situations.

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