The Ultimate Triple Eight Portal: August 8-26, 2015

Kwan Yin Algarve 2014 Praia da Luz

From the Desk of Kwan Yin

Hi beautiful Risers,

I just received this exciting message by Imzaia Consciousness, or, as they prefer to simply be called, Imzaia (the Lemurian word for ‘love’), and I was asked to share with you all immediately.

I was told that more about this next phase of Earth’s and humanity’s ascension process will be shared in multiple lectures in the next few weeks and months.

Please feel free to share this message far & wide… Imzaia would love to see it out there everywhere!

Imzaia wants The Rising Way to organise an in-person event, or seminar, in the Algarve (Portugal) where Lemuria is rising, from 21 until 29 August, 2015, so as to give those interested a chance to work with Imzaia and to take people through the Triple Eight Portal consciously as well as to teach you how to interact, create and work with the new reality field mechanics in person.


When you click the link above, you’ll be taken to our online store where you can read an in-depth description about the 888 Portal, what it stands for, what it will bring for humanity and for our world in general, and more. You can also watch many videos on that page with messages that go deeper into the 888 Portal than Imzaia’s initial message, which you can find below.

Are you interested in attending our 888 Portal event in the Algarvie, Portugal from the 21st until the 29th of August 2015?

If so, visit The Rising Store for details.

For now, enjoy Imzaia’s message, with love…

Kwan Yin


AUGUST 8 – 17 – 26 in 2015

Message broadcast March 20, 2015 @ 22:22 GMT

“Take it easy on yourself. You are in the last hours of moving through a cosmic, inter dimensional portal the likes of which have not been witnessed by humanity in thousands of years. Its climax was physically represented in the manifestation of your solar eclipse on March 20, 2015 but let it be known that this portal was about much more than an eclipse alone.

The last time a portal of this nature happened, the human race and much of life on planet Earth was reset through a biological recycling process you tend to call ‘death and rebirth’ or ‘reincarnation’. The Earth’s polarity switched entirely at that point.

This time, however, the process was different: every living thing on Earth spent the last weeks ‘collecting’ its own energy from the hologram and from physical reality as a whole, energy that was then ‘weighed’ and ‘measured’, if you will, so as to give you the chance to ‘judge’ and ‘decide’ whether you still felt vibrationally aligned with it or not. So very much has been removed from your system – by your own esoteric hands – that if we actually quantised it for you, it might beg belief… or not.

As you switched from a physical/linear template to a tonal/akeneic one, you now create reality in a very different way, and this will take some getting used to.

Starting tomorrow, as you pass through the Spring/Fall Equinox (depending on where you are physically located on Earth, yet the effect remains the same) of March 21, 2015, by sunset, you will have gone through another ‘pole shift’ – however, this time the shift was internal – you will have shifted your own Merkaba’s poles as well as the polarity of your torus field (they go hand in hand, always) and while Earth changes may still continue to reflect this shift for a while, more so than ever before can we say to you that reality is now created from the inside out, not the other way around.

Learning how to work with this in an elegant, empowering, graceful and joyful way, is what is ahead for you now, in the next months to come, until the end of June 2015, because by July and August, in numerological terms the 7th and 8th month of your current year, based on your current rate of development and expansion, we foresee that you will have built up a large enough tonal field and the necessary amount of akeneic energy in order for your species’ holographic quotient to rise yet again, which will lead you into an even bigger portal than the one you have just gone through in previous weeks.

Expect this new level of ascension and expansion to hit from August 8, 2015 until August 26, 2015, with a peak on August 17, 2015.

Do you notice anything about these dates?

August is the 8th month and 2015 is an 8 year. August 8, 2015, August 17, 2015, and August 26, 2015 all translate into 8-8-8 numerology. Not only that, but there are exactly 8 days between August 8 and August 17, and again between August 17 and August 26.

All of this makes that what you are about to pass through next can be called “The Ultimate 8 Portal” or “The Triple 8 Portal”.

Everything that you have pulled into the current solar eclipse portal with you – everything that you did not choose to release and neutralise before yesterday – will, between today, March 20, 2015, and August 8, 2015, be filled with raw, creative energy, ready to manifest your thoughts in the blink of an eye, in many cases, if you allow it to be so.

This next period is all about you learning to be a Master Creator while still being allowed to work with ‘training wheels’.

You have a chance now to decide your talent, your skill, your passion. All of this will then travel with you into the “Triple 8 Portal” and form the foundations of the reality that awaits its creator, right on the other side.

Are you ready for Mastery? So be it!

We will discuss this and much, much more, in depth, in the days, weeks and months ahead.

It is our great Honour to Serve and Assist and to surf the wave of this universal, multidimensional, holotonagraphic expansion, together with you.

This was the collective of your future, ascended selves, in service to, and in love with, You.”

— Imzaia

(20 March 2015, through Kwan Yin)


4 thoughts on “The Ultimate Triple Eight Portal: August 8-26, 2015”

  1. Well up to Now I Love the shifts and I am causing into my practical reality. And if I may add one for you Imzaia in human bodies out there and in here. May you dance the AbunDance with money, without money, anyway you love it, may all your needs be met + surprises, may you laugh and be touched by the ways you create the basic needs in love for you. As far me, since I have almost completely left the money system I love, live and laugh my creations even more! I know about the treasure chambers in these parts in me that I used to dark. Fear of failure, ‘bad parts in me’, hatred… Lust… I am discovering the beauty in there too. It was me who switched off the light in the first place with what I believe about ‘them’. Many a talent and treasure I have discovered here. It brought me to the point where I can now embrace these parts and be open about them. They become allies, friends and or I let go off them wishing them go there where they feel at home.
    Where I discovered it was me trying to control them out of fear, now trusting them and letting go…
    This helped me to live and create what I live now. I am happy, I love life, I love to wark hard, heart and play… It’s all the same anyway. All my needs are met, almost all moneyless, I love and am loved. I can see I am happy and a few minutes ago a dear brother here stood next to me telling me I am happy. I can speak my truth more and more, telling almost strangers directly what I see or feel, not always so beautiful, they thank me for it… Almost every morning I practice Chi Gong, yes when possible outside barefoot. I practice many of your good advices. Thanks! These excercises go in six. And I connect to what is in me as I breathe: I am… Love I am… joy I am…. Freedom I am…. Truth I am… Life and everyday I choose a desired appropriate sixth one. And yes, it brings me into experiencing my most beautiful self and the most beautiful of the ones who are with me here. I love us!
    May we all find our own AbunDance, or whatever you like to call and live it! May you enjoy who you are with all that goes on in you, all the beauty and all the ugliness. These are just judgements that can easily be changed… Wishing us a playFull life in this Onederful Playing Field <3

  2. The deepest of gratitude for this information, over the moon exciting and empowering! Filled with gratitude for all of us, for our Ascended Guidance, for choosing to live the love that we are. So very much looking forward to all that we will experience together With very much love, Orchid <3

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