DNA and Dimensional Gateways

A Quote from "The Ascended Senses" by Ekara

“Alchemy of Ascension series”
a channeled ascension study lecture series in multiple parts


Recorded March 14, 2009, in Antwerp, Belgium, in front of a live audience of loving Imzaia soul family

Channeled by Jeshua ben Ekara – A LECTURE BY EKARA

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Ekara takes our hand as we start a more in-depth exploration of our own Essence. In this riveting talk, Ekara discusses the 12 energy senses, focusing especially on the “sense of  time” and the “sense of thinking” while already touching on some others.

Explaining the connection between the 12 senses and the 144 DNA strands, Ekara begins to paint a picture about a very different type of humanity and offers some very personally directed, interactive experiences along the way.

This exploratory talk covers more about the shift from the pineal gland to the pineal lobe and completes the triality of the Akonai (pineal lobe) and the Akene (thymus / solar plexus) by connecting them to the “third kakra” of Adonai (stomach / sexual center).

Get ready for an experience that shows you humanity is not a race, it’s an attitude!

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One thought on “DNA and Dimensional Gateways”

  1. So very much appreciated listening to this message from Ekara again. Some time has passed since the last time hearing it and it’s a precious gift to experience it again. It’s rich with practical information that goes to the heart of the matter, offered in such love and compassion to us by Ekara. As a student, I will simply say it’s received with the deepest of gratitude. Very uplifting and encouraging. And very helpful to be reminded, again…. how interactive this experience really is. Love, Orchid

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