Spheres of Beauty & Kindness

Being on the Ascension Path, under the guidance of Ascended Life, I often witness within myself and others that we can lift ourselves up in a major way when we allow a piece of truth to come in when we are in the mental realm.

If we just continue to focus on this upward spiral within ourselves and we continue to expand with it, we easily reach a place of love and balance within ourselves as we re-enter the field that Ascended Life calls tonal space. The weight is lifted. We can thrive again and continue to expand on our path with all the magical tasks and assignments that have been given to us.

Very often, however, I have seen that mere seconds after a first breakthrough into Truth, our minds fill with thoughts from the restricted 3D world again, for instance by re-identifying with patterning and personality, or by not being able to let go of reasoning and justifying why we were in the mental realm to begin with. When this happens, we fall back to the mind’s default settings and programs. The build-up shatters again.

I refer to the metaphor of the deflating balloon Ascended Life spoke of many times. First, we catch the wave back into the heart space. Then, mysteriously, we drop that focus and are back in the rapid currents of 3D reality once again, puzzled and dazed, not understanding what just happened.

With everything that we know to be true now, we should be able to do this differently, to stop diverting our way back into the heart and into tonal space again.

We know, from webinars such as The Solar Activations, that disharmony creates dents in the whole and creates friction so that we put brakes on the continuation of the rise for all.

I don’t think that anyone can come up with a valid reason to stay in the mental realms, at least not any reason that makes sense. We feel so much better in the heart space. We are so done with suffering through reality!

Or are we…?

This is a valid question to ask. We do know that it simply is about a choice. We have proven this to ourselves over and over.

This question therefore does need an honest and thorough look within.

If we find something that it holding us back we simply need to make new choices. Especially with the Collapse of the Fourth Dimension (to find out more click here) there is nothing stopping us or attacking us from the outside anymore. It really is up to us, our sole and soul responsibility.

What a blessing that we have Ascended Life observing us and assisting us to stay on the Ascending vector.

What a blessing that we have all the teachings that are out there to connect to.

What a blessing that we know about the inner attributes of Love, Joy, Freedom, Truth & Life.

We are aware of why we are here, we are aware that there is more to life than what we have seen so far, we are aware of Ascension.

Everyone reading this is on their path in some fashion.

If we simply focus on all of this, there is no way that the upward spiral will be diverted!

We can occupy our hearts and minds with the ascension study and practice and drop 3D distractions. We can focus on something bigger than ourselves and become a vessel for kindness and joy.

We can focus on our Merkaba, monitor our own space, continue to empower our Ascending essence so that it simply overflows and automatically pours out of our heads, hearts, and bellies.

A smile to a stranger, a loving remark, being fully present when connecting to someone, a little hand when needed, it is so easy to bring love & joy to the world, wherever we are, whatever we do.

We are the living portals for the flower of life geometry after all.

Adding beauty in whichever way we can is a beautiful service to the world. Also, it is the perfect way to keep our own space in the perfect condition for our Ascending self to continue to grow! This is a big WIN-WIN situation! It has become unfathomable not to want this.

I certainly did not come up with this idea myself. I can tell you however that recently, because I am actively focusing on this as much as I can, I have seen how effective this is. I notice a direct result for myself, my own space, but also for others around me. And it goes beyond this, it seems to connect me to a sphere of kindness and beauty that is bigger than I am; it feels like the metaphorical wind beneath my wings.

I have written about these spheres in my recent article and blog as well. Although at this point I don’t fully understand what these spheres are it surely feels beautiful and powerful. It very well might be connected to the Merkava and/or the spheres spoken about in regard to the Flower of Life geometry.

How ultimately fascinating to be exploring this further, in practice and in divine timing via an explanation from the Ascended perspective, which will happen in an upcoming active ascension exercise by Ekara, The Spheres of the Merkava.

If I understand it correctly, adding beauty and kindness to any situation, all the time, connects me to the Sphere of Beauty and the Sphere of Kindness, both of which are part of the infinite Spheres of the Merkava through which all of our individual Merkaba fields are connected, and allows me to lift reality into a universal manifestation rather than a mere personal one. In doing so, we become the universe. At least, that’s part of what Ascended Life has explained to me about it. I look forward to hearing more!

Ascended Life has touched upon this concept many times over the years. Zyona, from the Ish Continuum, is one example. She expresses herself through Art and has invited us to see the world around us as a canvas. We, as the artists of life that we are, can paint it as beautifully as we want to.

Similarly, it has been explained by Ascended Life that our Merkaba is only about 1,5 meters around us. Everything that is beyond this space is basically projected onto our Merkaba screen, translated through our choice of perception.

Again, with the collapse of the fourth dimension, nothing is in our way to do so but our own choices.


Imagine many of us focusing on adding beauty and kindness all the time, all of us connecting to the Spheres. The field of our reality perception, as well as the Spheres themselves, would increase tremendously and start encompassing many other beings so that they may come home to Love, to Self, to All… as well.

This is what we can do. Just remembering this in any moment makes my heart sing. Love can flow freely. We can touch hearts.

We say YES to LIFE. 

Ascending Life can be simple and joyful. We just have to make it so by our choices and simply put ourselves in the perfect spot to be in full harmony with all that is and create magic!

Ascended Life has provided us with many practical, concrete, and powerful tools. I will list a few of them below.

Keep your eye on the AscendoSphere and The Rising Way eMag for more practical applications, which will catapult you into the reality you know to be possible.  

A list of some of Ascension exercises
which can be applied directly:

For many ascension lectures with more exercises visit
the The Rising Way YouTube channel

If you really want to immerse yourself in Ascension and if you too would love to communicate directly with Ascended Life, receive more in depth Ascension teachings and much more, you might want to consider becoming a Premium Member of the AscendoSphere.

It is simple, focus on Ascension in every breath and let your inner attributes pour out of you all the time, continue to add beauty and in doing so stay in a perfectly centered MerKaBa yourself.

The choice truly is ours, more so than ever before.

I look forward to the magic we’ll be creating.

Are you with me?


4 thoughts on “Spheres of Beauty & Kindness”

  1. Hi dear Orchid, thank you for your beautiful words! Yes, you summarized that perfectly :-). Thank you for adding the acceptance of the purging. I am so eternally grateful for all the exercises and the teachings. Every single one on their own contains everything we need to pull through. We just have to do it. This is why focus is so important, consistently and continuous as you said as well. So glad to be sharing the journey with you. Love you lots, Amy

  2. Thank you dear Amy for another wonderful article! And clearly and honestly explained. It is a practice. It is a way of life requiring consistency and continuity. It’s been said before and is so well worth repeating. Choosing for the Ascending Particle. It is a choice. A constant choice. A conscious choice. It’s when we live these words that we see the results. It does become easier if moment by moment, we emit these things, we can see them in each other’s eyes. Life is a joy in this space. Expansion naturally follows. And there is a peace that comes. The waters are less choppy. Accepting as well the purging that is part of the process. There are so many practical exercises as mentioned in your article. Great ones! And from this space, we create magic together! Great track and video by Nahko Bear! Thank you for your love and sharing your journey with us! Love you dearly, Orchid

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