Reinventing Yourself

A huge part of the start of the path of Ascension is about learning that who you think you are could not be further from the truth of who you truly are.

Every seeker will first learn that the personality is merely a conglomeration of habits, rules you think need to be followed in society, opinions of people around you, and survival techniques to be able to move through the 3D version of reality.

First you will learn how deep the entanglement goes.

Yes, Ascension actually only needs one moment, but humanity thinks itself pretty stuck.

Yes, there is passion in everyone and there are gifts & talents at anyone’s disposal too. As long as this passion and these talents are tainted by personality, as long as this is still over-layered with a need for the personality in whichever way, the passion and talents seem to become the biggest booby-traps on the path. At least, this has been my experience.

During your personality life, this passion and these talents have taken you closest to who you really are.

The passion is real.
However, it needs to be disentangled from the personality.

Ascended Life, over the years I have spent with them, have spoken many times about the story of birth. As long as you identify with the concept of “birth” in any way, you accept the concept of “death” — a life with a beginning, a middle, and an end — and you also accept that you lost 50% of your energy when you entered this plane just by becoming male or female. Those 50% were spread out in the reality around you, creating attributes. These attributes create your preferences and your likes and dislikes.

In other words, they create all of the programmed personality choices and lock you in more strongly with every passing choice. (Read more about attributes)

This is even visible in matter. Some people always portray the same image of Self. Sometimes a couple — having been together long enough and having lost the ability to differentiate between their own choices and those of their partner — even starts looking alike.

Solarys, among others, in the lecture It’s All in Your Head, has spoken about creating a new personality, with opposite preferences in order to blow up both versions in the end.

Kuthumi has spoken about each one of us being made up of ALL vibration in all of time and space, in some of his lectures for The Cosmic Manifest. Although we are moving out of the realm of frequency and vibration, the core of what Kuthumi shared still very much holds true: you can be, you are, everything – the whole range of possibilities, the whole range of talents and qualities, anything you can come up with; every expression is possible. It is all at your disposal. You can choose it all into being.

I like to visualize this as a huge basket from which you can pick whatever you like in any moment. Which expression would suit what you are about to undertake best? Ekara once called it “the coat of personality”. Or, it could be a dressing room, in which you decide what you would like to express in this now.

Humanity has been stuck in recreating the same loop time after time. Most of us do not even notice that we create our lives into such a rut that the groove becomes deeper and deeper… and reality, therefore, more limited with every loop along the way.

As I wrote earlier, in technical terms, we do this by following our pre-programmed attributes and parameters. Currently, since the Collapse of the Fourth Dimension, these attributes are all that is left to keep us stuck.

They do not even carry any real power anymore.

Their attraction is entirely in your hands, or, rather, in your head.

How much power do you give to these things? How often do you unconsciously give in to the same pattern over and over? How long am I going to recreate the same boring repetitive rut?

We should all step back from our reality for a bit, become the observer, and witness the loops. It would do us all a lot of good to look at where we would like to create a change… and then turn inward in order to create that change within ourselves. Change, after all, can only come from the heart space, as goes one of Ekara’s Six Simplicities for the Ascending Human.

Choose a different expression in whatever way you’d like. We often take life and our roles so seriously, so heavy, really. Shifting expression will help you rise above the heaviness of it all.

Step into the adventure of re-inventing yourself, and keep doing this time after time.

Once you start, you’ll notice that reality responds accordingly. Very soon thereafter, there will be no more time-lapse; the change will be reflected immediately.

Ascended Life has answered many questions of people asking, What is my next step? What is my passion? What am I to do here on Earth?

Their answer was always similar: Imagine creation as a chunk of clay. Pick some of this and create it into anything that would make your heart sing in this moment. This is how you should view reality. This chunk of clay always stays flexible; it is always in your hands to be recreated in any way you see fit.

You will discover passions and talents you didn’t even know you had. It can take you into a magical exploration of self and of reality.

It is very important, however, to continue to re-invent yourself, once you have started. Your default settings are most likely still set to repetition. The human part of you simply loves the comfort zone. Your goal is to keep the upward spiral alive, actively and from the heart space, at all times. Your tool: focus. It will help you experience the details of creation, expression, and manifestation, in full, without losing track of the overview, the whole, or the core, of what you are doing.

Once you continue to focus on re-inventing yourself, it will spark Joy from within — one of your five “active ingredients” — which can be your fuel to stay focused on what you are doing and especially on why you are re-inventing yourself. You are deciding to discard the pull of the attributes, which truly only still exist in your head. You are creating a new personality by making different choices to be able to blow up both the old one and the new one in the end.

A great example of someone who re-invents herself all the time in the entertainment industry is Madonna. There are countless others who show a similar example, who continuously express themselves differently. This often goes as far as quite tangible physical changes. You can do this too. And if you can do it in your body, you can do it in your mind!

I would like to add that when you start becoming serious about all of this — when you really start going for your full-blown Ascension — the guidance of Ascended Life becomes vital. Those that have gone before are guides to those who follow. Much like, when climbing Mount Everest, you would rely on your fellow travellers that have gone before in order to make sure your rope chains are in place.

This process needs proper guidance because it is a very important and a very precise and fragile undertaking. No matter how honest and neutral we think we can look at ourselves, we simply cannot see the whole depth and / or have the overview of everything that this process entails. Instead of creating a new personality, you might be creating an expansion of your old personality, of your old neural net. This, in the end, would create more challenges once you start creating your new personality and your new neural net for real.

This is not to scare you, but we have to realize that Ascension is very real… and it is a joint adventure. It is a metaphysical process among other things, and simply needs proper guidance. Ascended Life is here for us. Many people, this day and age, think that they can go it alone, and even that it is a trap to follow those that have gone before. To each their own, but speaking from my own decade of experience, many that had this thought and went off on their own were never heard of again, nor did they actually get anywhere.

Guidance is vital.
The assistance of Ascended Life comes from a place of Love.

If the thought of Ascension means the world to you, you are very welcome to connect via the AscendoSphere or via email:

Start the conversation and we will take it from there.
It really is that simple.

With love,

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  1. Great article dear Amy! Some of these things we do have to remind ourselves repeatedly. I’m reminded of what Ascended Life has said about us believing that we are moving forward when we’re actually not. And also believing we are in stillness when we are not. This discernment is not automatic for a human. In ‘Life After Ascension of All Matter’ Lao Tze spoke of the systems designed to keep us firmly entrenched in a finite existence. Thus the need for active participation in the trainings offered by Ascended Life. On upcoming broadcasts, we’ll be speaking much more about these! Thank you for sharing this dear Amy, so clearly written from the heart! Love you!

  2. Wonderful article, dear Amy! 🙂 <3 Thank you for expressing your beauty and joy being on the ascension path…with a lot of great info to assist all who read your magical words from the heart. Love you and keep doing this…it works! <3

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