The Golden Compass

“I tell you, Leysola, ever since you left, something has opened up. Ever since you left, these people that call themselves ‘human’ have opened themselves up for a rebirth. They have opened themselves up for a completely new experience.”

“All of them?”

“Not yet, but they will.”

“I’ll make sure they will, Solarys! I’ll jump into each and every one of them and I will make them remember… what it was like! What it was like to just be. What it was like to just exist in this beauty!” 

Solarys & Leysola
A Talk With Leysola, Imzaia Classics, Divinity Manifest

Now that we know that the 4th dimension, where archetypes used to roam, has collapsed (see The Collapse of the 4th Dimension), I have started paying much closer attention to the attributes and aspects that make up the personality – and, therefore my projected reality bubble – and how much they determine its likes and dislikes.

Take for example a beautiful, pristine place in nature, complete with lush forests and happily babbling mountain streams. We very quickly deem it beautiful because it may contain more attributes of our ‘likes’ list than would a busy city. 

This shows us once again how very tainted the perception of the personality is. It bases its entire existence on the programmed attraction to or repulsion by its surrounding attributes – indeed, how extremely narrowing this whole duality concept truly is.

Mind would like to make us believe that the one is more beautiful than the other, that it is easier to find beauty and joy surrounded by a serene mountain forest than it is in a busy city during rush hour.

Through our preferences we identify with these attributes and aspects overlaying our reality bubble.

These attributes and aspects, as Ekara explained in the Mastering the Grand Illusions Series, are made up of our very own energy – 50% to be precise – which was taken away from us upon our supposed birth into either a male or a female body. With this (forced) choice for a gender, we are, therefore, limited to only expressing ourselves through half of the vibrations and frequencies we could express ourselves with, even in a vibrational reality.

Choosing to stop paying any attention to the preferences that shoot into gear to colour and influence our perception, and to just observe these attributes neutrally, opens the door to a much more expansive experience.  As such, we allow ourselves to discover things about our own being that we never knew where there to begin with.

I’m sure we have all experienced this in some way or other.

It is, of course, what Ascended Life has always told us, but unless we are the conscious observer of our reality, it is easy to slip into judgment mode.

Neutrally examining our thoughts and actions, it becomes clear just how many times a day the personality actually judges reality by choosing to identify with a preference. It doesn’t matter whether it likes or dislikes something, whether it deems something good or bad; it still is judging what it sees or experiences. It judges things, events and people, and it judges itself – and all of this just because it has forgotten that everything, including itself, is its very own creation. 

When we let go of the attachment to attributes and aspects, the likes and dislikes, and the judgment of personality, we can become the innocent child again that experiences everything for the first time.

It is this innocence, the pure way of expressing oneself only through love – as Leysola, the first “child of the sun” born in 2008, showed us beautifully in her so very precious conversation with Solarys (A Talk with Leysola) – where the magic of creation lies.

This innocence is, in essence, our golden compass that will always guide us back to the heart space.

Innocence means seeing everything new in every moment, without giving it definition. This can only happen inside of the heart space.

A child comes into this world fully conscious of who it is and why it is here: to play and to spread love. It doesn’t know yet about separation because it is still very much in touch with its divine essence. Its golden compass is still firmly in place.

In the vibrational reality, however, this innocence quickly gets lost due to the limitations put upon the child by a society that is the result of the illusion of separation.

Leysola, however, knows that she is All That Is.

She knows that she creates her reality and what her mission is on Earth. She has no notion of attributes or aspects that would taint the perception of her reality.

Leysola – this beautiful child of the sun – very quickly takes us back to that magical space of innocence and reminds us to always remember why we are here.

It is up to us now to follow her example and only allow love to be our guide.

“Look, Solarys, it’s working! They’re laughing! Don’t they know that that is all there is? Don’t they know their whole life changes when they just smile? Don’t they know that sadness isn’t real and is just a thought, and that when they smile they turn that around and they change the vibration?”

“Oh, they know, Leysola. They just don’t want to do it all the time.”

Perhaps the time has come for us, for all of us, to not only find our golden compass again… but to be it, for ourselves and others, with every breath we take.

With love,

3 thoughts on “The Golden Compass”

  1. Dear Jasmine, A very big WOW! and a big bow to you for this masterful editorial that if it were in a printed magazine should be on everyone’s coffee table and printed or e-mag, should be front and center in everyone’s hearts.<3 Your writing deeply moved me as I am sure it will many others. We are all children of the sun; we've just forgotten, and love will prevail. Breath by breath, heartbeat by heartbeat and in between the heartbeats, or step by step, or by diving fully in the ocean of our Akene, our heart space, we must go there no matter what. You've enticed us all to never forget that and to do it now!

    Love, Amber

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