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The Rising Way eMagazine is a free online publication with a goal to empower the reader and assist one into gaining a deeper understanding of metaphysics, esoterics, planetary enlightenment and personal ascension,  making these concepts practical and real in one’s daily life.

It is the editors’ and authors’ intent to inform the public about the reality of metaphysics and personal ascension in both a broad and a detailed way, so that a choice for one’s own evolution can become part of one’s reality paradigm.

The publication shares metaphysical content from a wide variety of authors and on a broad spectrum of topics, based on the metaphysical plateau of information found on The AscendoSphere.

The Rising Way eMagazine is not a  ‘stand-alone’ publication but is strongly connected to The AscendoSphere website, about which you can read more in the section below.

Should you wish to contact us, you can find our contact information on the main page of The AscendoSphere.



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The editors and authors behind The Rising Way eMagazine would like to invite you to visit The AscendoSphere, which is an open source metaphysical university for the aquarian age, designed for an era in which there are no more secrets with regards to our human and galactic history and evolution.

The AscendoSphere is our main website and is a metaphysical social & informational platform. The Rising Way eMagazine is created and kept up by the crew behind The AscendoSphere.

On The AscendoSphere, you will be able to find many videos and broadcasts, absolutely free-for-all.

You can sign up and create a free profile and enjoy the many benefits that come with a free, Basic Subscription. Alternatively, you can select a Premium Plan or a Premium Plus Plan to read, stream and download exclusive content.



The Rising Way Logo

The Rising Way Productions is the organisation behind:

The organisation exists with a goal to empower humanity in the areas of metaphysical study, esoteric awareness, and the practical nature of planetary & personal ascension.


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