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Rising Life: The Ultimate Hero’s Journey – Stage 1: Separation

In my last blog in the Rising Life Series, written for and published by The Rising Way, I wrote about The Ultimate Hero’s Journey, and the work of the late Joseph Campbell, American mythologist, writer and lecturer.

Campbell made a compelling case in his book, The Hero With A Thousand Faces, that all mythology can be seen as a single great story in which a hero goes through great trials and tribulations, based on a common pattern, to reach an experience of the eternal source to then return with gifts powerful enough to set their society free. Campbell suggests that the eternal source lays underneath the world of phenomena and that it is constantly pouring its energies into the perceived world of time, duality, suffering and ultimately death. The single great story sees the human race as engaged in the effort of making the world transparent to transcendence or making the eternal unknown known.

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Rising Life: The Ultimate Hero’s Journey

Most of us love stories about heroes and their journeys. We are moved by their courage and willingness to stand tall against challenges and seemingly impossible odds to complete their quest. We marvel at their personal transformation and their ability to change the lives of others.

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Rising Life: The Fallacy of Either/Or Thinking

The realization of our potential to rise as individuals and as a species is inevitable, as cosmic changes continue to assist us in returning to our authentic state as multidimensional beings, connected through the heart space to all life.

As more and more of us learn to consciously embody the truth of who we are and emit this truth—since everything we do affects the whole—the house of cards on which the external or physical world’s system of limitation and control is built will eventually fall.

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The Reality of Dream Creation

Many years ago, when I was just becoming aware there was more to who I am than what I was taught to believe, along with the ideas that I create my own reality (or at least was responsible for it not having a clue how reality creation worked at the time), that everything happens for a reason, and that I am a spiritual being having a human experience and not the other way around, a good friend shared the following advice:

“Never walk away from a dream unless and until it walks away from you.”

At the time, that was good advice and I held stubbornly steadfast to every dream I created for myself, refusing to give up until there seemed to be no other choice, which helped me to learn more about myself and what I really wanted, how to create my life more consciously, and how to let go of people and situations in my life that no longer served me.

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