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Closing the Door to Karma

Every one of us go through tough times and we wonder where did we go wrong, why has this tough moment appeared in our life at this time?

Tough times are pointers, if we take time to be patient and listen to the inner voice in silence we come to know that the so called “tough time” in our life points us towards the path we need to take.

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Rise and Shine

There is a grand awakening happening right now on our planet. But what does this really mean? Have we really been asleep? And if we are asleep how do we know if we’re asleep?

Furthermore, if you point out that others are asleep you’ll most likely be on the receiving end of some choice expletives and/or a physical altercation.  A word to the wise, don’t try to wake others up by throwing cold water on their faces.

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A New Beginning for All Creation

What would you put in a time capsule to explain to future generations, this transformational process we are going through now?

This question was asked of me recently and this is what flowed out of my heart, speaking in the plural as a literary device to answer this question for all of humanity. A wonderful exercise of expression and exploration which I offer to my fellow human travelers and future generations – from my heart to yours, in appreciation of who you are and for sharing this amazing journey during this grand shift in consciousness.

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