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The Flowering of the Universal Heart

Today, this moment, holds within it a lotus flower seed.

When you choose to let that seed grow and flower, you will notice a space of love, a song of infinite love, opening up within your heart.

With that love, you are invited to love everything around you and inside of you, everything that you are, including your physical body vessel, which is ultimately a manifestation of the geometry and magnetic energies that flow into physical reality from the torus field and the merkaba that is part of who you are.

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Healing on the Quantum Level

We are beloved children of the Universe, multidimensional beings who live in many parallel and alternate dimensions. We have lived many lifetimes and we collect our wisdom from these experiences and we deal with everyday life situations from these experiences.

In these, our grand journeys, we meet with many people and many many challenging situations, and in every one of these experiences we tend to do the best we can. Consciously or unconsciously, we make vows, agreements and bond with people and situations.

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Laughter Is the Juice of Life

Laughter is a powerful tool. It has been given as a gift only to humans. No one has heard plants or animals laugh at any time. When we laugh we come back to our true self.

Laughter is infectious and when someone sees you laugh they are also motivated to laugh, and when they laugh their stress level is reduced, and you have given them a gift of wellbeing in their life.

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How Can I Connect With My Divinity Within?

Some dear friends have been asking this question and so I am sharing the solutions that helped me in an amazing way:

“I am going through so much pain in my relationships. I want to forgive and forget everything and everyone, but I don’t know how to apply it in the real world and for all situations.”


Thank you for sharing your heart with me, my friend.

For eons because of the fall in consciousness, the only illusion on this planet is forgetting our Divinity. Since many are unconscious of being unconscious, they keep on doing things that are not relevant to true human nature.

True human nature is kindness, compassion, and truth.

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