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I Am Life (Meditation by Kwan Yin)

“I AM LIFE” is a collaboration between Kwan Yin (lyrics & vocals) and Lotus (music) and brings a succinct, 15-minutes long audio & video journey to the Core Truth of the Soul: that you are Life itself.

The experience is designed to remove Past, Present and Future Contracts from your existence on your way to Sovereignty.

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You Are the Universe (Meditation by Kwan Yin)

In this new Mer-Ka-Ba meditation by Kwan Yin, created for the Subscriber Area of The Rising Way and now offered publicly as a free gift, you are invited to step into your Universal Self by activating the Inter-Creational relationship between you and everything that surrounds you.

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How Do I Manage Grief?

Today, a sweet friend asked me a profound question about the best ways to handle the death of a loved one in a way that honors both them and us…


This is a very important question that some others also have been asking at this time.

An exercise I have shared further on in my answer, from my book, helps not only to manage grief but also to clear agreements and release people when we need to.

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Elimeya: Entering the Sacred Body State

Kwan Yin’s MER-KA-BA Travel Tips — III

What is an Elimeya?

Elimeya is the Lemurian word for “sacred body/soul connection” and, at the same time, it is also the name of a Sacred Art practice, dating back to ancient Lemurian times.

An “Elimeya” meditation would consist of using the Sacred Body to create geometric vectors of focused creation and manifestation.

The “Sacred Body” as compared to your daily body, if you will, is a physical/energetic state that is entered into easily.

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