Cosmic Adulthood

Every day when you open your eyes, you exist and interact in a universe of separation. Physical reality is modeled in such a way that you, the subject of your experience, are separated from the many objects in your field of reality. Or are you?

Many so-called right-brain people throughout the ages have pointed to a way of being in which nothing appears as separate, a reality in which the experience and the subject experiencing it are one and the same. Society, as it is based on separation, likes to slice and dice things up. And so it is those who speak of oneness and point to an experience of unity are classified under the banner of spirituality while others, those who also dream of new horizons of human understanding, are labeled scientists. Others, again, are called religious and the list goes on.

This hemispheric approach to reality splits the human soul in two, creating a world of heart and another of mind in the process. In most people, these worlds are separated to such an extent that they hardly ever meet, causing problems that can affect the entire range of human experience: mental, psychological, biological, physical, and energetic, to name but a few.

The journey called personal ascension is one of deep self-exploration. While it will take you deeper inward, it will expand your view of your outside world at the same time. It is a journey that is meant to unite your mind with your heart into the being that is the sovereign version of yourself.

You Are Becoming Who You Are Meant to Be

This is not an article of spirituality nor of science. It is both — and more — but most of all, it is the story of you. You are reading this because you are on your way to cosmic adulthood. Becoming a cosmic adult or achieving mastery over one’s personality is not a strange thing to do; it is what you are meant to do. It is the culmination of your many life experiences that is making you choose to expand.

As you might have figured out, there is a strong connection between cosmic adulthood, mastery, and sovereignty on the one hand and the notion of a universal existence in a state of separation on the other. The connection, in truth, has its basis in paradox, because when existing in the heart space, notions such as sovereignty, adulthood, and mastery come as natural as the miracle of breath itself while an existence from a mental perspective of subjective versus objective reality perception can lead one down no other path than the eventual full manifestation of separation in the form of physical decay and death.

Yet being human as we are, we need both our hearts and our brains. Living from the heart is a brilliant and refreshing thing to do, but let’s face it: Cloud nine does not have the best options for Wi-Fi nor does it offer good mobile service! In other words, the heart space, while extremely empowering, is not the only place from which to create and then manifest things.

The Three Gravity Centers

Our human bodies have three natural gravity centers: the head, the heart, and the belly. A healthy creator needs all three of these spaces:

  • The head is meant to be a holographic antenna for the brilliance, creativity, and ingenuity that surrounds you in the form of your infinite energy fields that want to be channeled into physical reality in the form of a thought.
  • The heart has the power to collect these ideas in neutrality as soon as the head has collected them and then holds them up and connects them to its surrounding environment so that it can find the most balanced, loving, and joyful way to make these ideas, dreams, and thoughts come true in favor of and not at the cost of the surrounding universe.
  • The belly has the raw power to broadcast the collection of these ideas into the physical universe so that the inner and outer realities match up perfectly.

The reason that one is as important a gravity center as the other is that on biological and energetic levels, the head, the heart, and the belly are each part of that which you call your mind. Hence, they are vital parts of your personality that need to interact fully in order to live a balanced, neutral existence.

The Nerve to Get or Set the Vibe

In recent years, scientists have rediscovered a particular type of matter around the heart as well as around the gut that acts very much as brain matter and is connected to the human brain in your head by the lengthy vagus nerve that runs all the way down to your belly. I write that science has rediscovered this fact because it was known by many earlier cultures and can be seen clearly described and referenced in countless ancient texts, many of which will be explored throughout the pages of The Rising Way eMagazine.

This vagus nerve, among other things, is a very powerful, vibrational, tonal tool that has the ability to sense or pick up from and transmit to its surrounding environment. It is the nerve that allows you to “get or set the vibe” of a situation.

It goes without saying that with one or more of the three physical gravity centers of your mind out of alignment or even shut down entirely, it becomes very difficult to read, let alone connect to, any situation or experience with clarity. We would then say that our minds or our judgment is clouded, thinking it is a metaphor, but it is not.

The Grand Illusions

When we start to translate our inner and/or outer universe incorrectly in this fashion, it shows up in what Ascended Life, in our work spread throughout The Rising Way eMagazine, The AscendoSphere, and The Rising Store, labels the “grand illusions.”

The grand illusions are: form, time, space, exchange, death, and separation. The head and belly form the mind of separation without the heart. As such, we could argue that each space has its own brain. Only when the heart is connected does the fully empowered, sovereign you emerge.

The work presented by Ascended Life on our websites is meant to complete that basic but very foundational journey for you. It will lay the groundwork for a template of expansion in your mind that will generate an evolution of thought inside your head, a revolution of feeling in your heart, and a power of manifestation inside your belly. In other words, it will trigger and then eventually cause an ascension of your own being into a sovereign and infinite being that no longer is bound by the limitations of flesh but instead has discovered the abundance of universes and dimensions inside each of his or her own particles.

Or if that is too much for you to take in right now, let’s just say that the return of this basic and universal knowledge to your life is meant to bring you peace, happiness, contentment, and above all, help you remember a natural state of being in which you reach to the active ingredients of love, joy, freedom, truth, and life — with which you create and interpret anything and everything in your existence — with the same ease and grace it takes a young child, filled with love and in awe of life, to point to a colorful flower and make it the center of its creation for the eternity of that moment. Together, we will connect the dots that are your particles, whether they are biological cells, atoms, electrons, tachyons, lifetimes, or thoughts.

While many of the ideas presented here have only been loosely touched on in this article, our more advanced material on The AscendoSphere and in The Rising Store will provide you with a deeply scientific and, at the same time, profound, practical, and present understanding of what it means to be you in a meaningful universe filled with real, trustworthy, infinite love. In short, everything else is illusion.

Bridging the Gap between Spirit and Science

You are the universe experiencing itself. Does the previous sentence strike you as spiritual cliché? It does not have to. Our material will help you bridge the gap between spirit and science as it invites you to open your mind beyond its planetary modus operandi into a cosmic, universal paradigm of existence.

Once you truly realize how much your total, blind, and obedient acceptance of the planetary state of mind around you has a limiting effect on the way you even use your senses (i.e. what you can see, hear, feel, etc.), you will better understand one of the main reasons behind this series: to invite you to step into cosmic adulthood. This ability of ascending beyond any borders, preference, gender, species, or finiteness is yours; it is innate. It is not a bedtime story as you may have been led to believe over the years of merciless repetitiveness of hardship, limitation, disappointment, and conditions — and, indeed, the rough realization of having to survive in a universe founded in separation.

What is everyone afraid of but no one dares to say out loud?

That at the end of the day, love is not real.

What is the worst nightmare of every human being?

That you might be responsible for breaking love.

These two factors, when deeply wedged into someone’s mind, can literally destroy a person’s life and that of those around him or her.

These two questions are not randomly chosen, they are foundational in the breakdown of the heart’s connection to the head and the belly.

In the material presented by Ascended Life on The AscendoSphere and The Rising Store, and scattered here and there on The Rising Way eMagazine, I invite you to come and explore the reasons for this and how to rise above them once and for all.

Kwan Yin

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