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3 Little Ways to Create Infinite Waves

Today is a good day to…

…find a moment of rest after the buzzy-ness that might have chased after you all day long, and when you feel all relaxed, allow your entire body to come to peace, bit by bit.

Start with your feet and let them ‘sink’ with every breath.

Work your way up to your head and make sure to give your neck and shoulder muscles some separate focus.

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Gratitude Is the Way

When we are in the place of Gratitude, our body, mind and soul go through a tremendous healing. We become empowered by Gratitude. Consciously holding the attitude of Gratitude is the grandest prayer. It magnifies good feelings and brings joyous things to us in lightning speed.

Three years ago we moved to the South of Texas. The land had been experiencing a bitter drought and it was a record break of more than a 100 degree temperatures for more than 70 days. We had moved from North Carolina with its green trees everywhere, and Texas was a tumble-weeded contrast.

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