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Chlorine Dioxide & Healing: the Facts

This presentation by Kerri Rivera once and for all eliminates any false stories about Chlorine Dioxide (“CD” or also known as “MMS”) in a lecture that will teach you exactly what chlorine dioxide is all about, how it restores health to the body and mind, and how to use it in safely diluted proportions.

If you have done any online research on the potential healing properties of Chlorine Dioxide — especially if you went looking for information on Jim Humble’s MMS * — you will know of the polarization that is occurring online and has been for years. While many success stories regarding the use of “CD” or “MMS” are to be found, there also seems to be an online “trolling” community hellbent on planting seeds of doubt in people’s minds. These trolls even (dare to) make the claim that Chlorine Dioxide is “bleach”; a statement which couldn’t be further from the truth.

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Kerri Rivera on Autism & Healing

Kerry Cassidy of PROJECT CAMELOT interviews Kerri Rivera, activist and mother of an autistic child about her quest for healing solutions.

She discusses ‪‎MMS‬ / ‪‎Chlorine Dioxide‬ as the ultimate remedy to autism and so much more. In the first ten minutes of the video, Rivera quickly counters the many fearful reactions people around the world have shown when it comes to MMS.

Interview – Part 1

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