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How is it Possible to Show the Same Love and Affection to Everyone?

Recently a sweet friend asked me the following question:

How is it possible to show the same love and affection to everyone, sometimes there are people who irritate us in such a way that I do not have a good feeling and I cannot show them love ?


At one time in my life I realized that “all is one”, that we are all “One Consciousness”. 

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Inside Out Change

My report for October highlighted the need for patience with life’s challenges and a willingness to make space for woundedness — our own and that of others — without having to jump in and ‘make things right’.

This compassionate patience — holding a safe space of acceptance in the face of pain and a willingness to acknowledge and not turn away from suffering — was a potent force last month and all efforts made to patiently co-exist with difficult feelings, challenging circumstances and those difficult to bear aspects of ourselves and others, begin to pay-off in November as Pluto aligns with Uranus and Chiron for a relationship which continues until February 2015.

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Cultivating Compassion: A Gentle Way

The mind so wants to judge Self and others. The mind cannot conceive of a reality based upon qualities such as love, joy, freedom, and truth—the natural qualities part and parcel of an expansive way of being.

As has been spoken of in a previous article, due to the programming of the mind, we have filters in place. These filters create a warped perspective—of Self and of others.

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For the Sake of All Beings

As humanity, our collective consciousness is soaking in pain. We have so many things that we think is a bother in life, people are unpleasant, the government is rotten, the education system is no good, the weather is horrible.

Annoyed and offended with everything, it is either too hot, or too cold, too fat or too tall, or allergic to everything out there, or outraged by the actions done by someone, the pain we hold within is constantly trying to find our what is wrong with the world. And most of the time the mind comes up with the idea of getting rid of whatever is causing the unpleasantness, right from mosquitoes to the government.

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