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Beyond Good or Bad

According to the TAO:

“When people see some things as good, other things become bad.”

In this world of duality consciousness, we have practiced our minds to see some things as good and some things as bad. Also, the mind has a storehouse of filed ideas and thoughts about good and bad as perceived by our senses and as taught by society. We are the Creators and the organizers of this entire play of good or bad.

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Beyond Love and Light

Back in January 2007, the year the teachings of the Cosmic Manifest were shared with the world, the group of unity consciousness known simply as “the Twelve” gave us this little nugget. Quite ahead of their time:

“Consciousness is not easily definable. We tell you that when you are in a state of consciousness there will be joy in your cells. In every part of your body, in every activity you undertake and in every song you listen to. This is a state of consciousness.

We ask you, therefore, to go beyond love and light. Don’t look for love and light but for energy.

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Why Does Violence Exist In this Realm?

A dear friend, troubled by all the recent violent happenings taking place in the world, wrote in and asked this question:

If the Soul writes its Journey prior to birth, then why are some people violent  and criminal? Why does the Soul write about the rape and/or murder of itself or others ?

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