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Past Times, Future Realities

The energy of the cosmos reaches us in waves. It ebbs and flows like the tide, high one moment, low the next, coming in, flowing out, frighteningly stormy then beautifully calm. The same forces which propel the planets in their orbits radiate around us shifting and reordering at every level.

At times these energies propel us forward into the new, presenting fresh perspectives and new experiences. At others they arrive as echoes, reawakening the past to bring it to completion. Last month was characterised by the former, this month by the latter.

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What Happens When a Planet Ascends?

What does life as an expansive, multi-dimensional being look like? What can we expect? In this short clip, taken from episode 5 of Mastering the Grand Illusions, Ekara discusses the human electromagnetic frequency field (EMF) and how electromagnetic energy on planet Earth will change drastically as part of the planetary ascension process.

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Anunnaki Power & Universal Age of Transition ft. Andrew Bartzis

Anunnaki history, the global energy transition from 2011 to today, and the forging of a new timeline in galactic history is discussed in part 2 of TheLipTV’s interview with Andrew Bartzis, hosted by Sean Stone.

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Bringers of the New Paradigm

We are so fascinated by dramas, we love the theater, the TV serials and all kinds of stage performances. It is important to notice our fascination with the roles of victims, villains and heroes in these dramas.

Unconsciously we identify with these roles and continue to play them in our everyday lives. We create these identities based on mind stories of good and bad. The more unaware we are, the more we are trapped in the roles of victim, villain and hero.

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