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Oktoberfest For the Soul

This week and the next few to follow are of great importance to those that are ready to manifest their ‘dream seeds of creation’ and step into the next phase of their soul evolution.

I ‘accidentally’ started writing this blog after being triggered and inspired by this update for 23 September 2014, the Autumn Equinox for the Northern Hemisphere and the Spring Equinox for the Southern Hemisphere, on the online Mayan Calendar Portal:

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JOY — The Grandest State of Being

“In an exuberant state of joy, you are at peace with everything about you. When you are in joy with life, you cannot feel remorseful or insecure, fearful, angry, or lacking.

In a state of joy you are fulfilled and complete, and life, wisdom, and creativity flow like a mighty river from within your being.

In a state of joy, you are inspired to the heights of greatness and the depths of feeling.”

— Ramtha ∞ The White Book

Joy could be our doorway to magic. Yet, in this 3D realm, it isn’t. Here on earth, joy is fleeting, a temporal and temporary happy fix induced by external and subconscious stimuli.

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Magical Reality Creation

We may have a feeling about something, or someone, or a situation…  And then… we can feel things change.

Something has been happening. Some of us are sensing it—a softer reality emerging—gentle, loving, expansive…

We find it easier to see one another as a higher version of ourselves.

And it’s not so difficult to continue to invite one another into this space rather than judging each other.

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