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The Nature of Desire

An Ascension Student asked me:

“I find myself in this now contemplating what desire is and how that differs from passion and thought that it would be lovely to have the ascended perspective on that…”


Desire, by its very nature, is a possible manifestation of the personality pillar, archetype and/or patterning known as “lack” and/or “consumer” identification.

Desire implies a void that needs to be filled in the future, or one that was once filled in the past.

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Forgiveness and the Power of Ho’oponopono

In a world where suffering and pain – on a physical as well as on a mental level – are the norm rather than the exception, forgiveness is one of the most important attributes for people to nurture. It is all about love.

When someone has hurt you, you can be angry, resentful, and hold a grudge, or you can embrace that person and move on.

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