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Geometry in Words

I love words. There is a beautiful tapestry that unfolds when you find words to describe a feeling in such a way that the reader can see and feel your inner landscape. A creator is an artist, whatever tool she uses to express herself with.

I write. Poetry and other stuff. I love words that speak to the imagination. Gossamer. Ephemeral. I can get lost in those words. Worlds open up… but maybe that’s just me.

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From Thoughts to Conscious Resonance

Thoughts are not your own; they are a mere reaction to an outside environment that you do not see as you. Thoughts exist because you have displaced yourselves from the world around you.

If you see yourself as one with your world, if you see that the rocks you sit on, that the sky that you look at, that all the waves kissing the sand of all the beaches you have ever walked, indeed, that all of this is within you and that you are within all of this, then there is no need for thought.

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