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HUMAN: The Documentary

What is it that makes us human? Is it the ability to love? Is it because we are able to show different emotions and express different feelings? Is it how we join religious groups and how we fight for the ideologies that we believe?

Filmmaker Yann Arthus-Bertrand wanted to understand why humans are different to other living beings, so he spent three years collecting stories from thousands of men and women from 60 different parts of the world. The stories capture the realities of life: sexual identity, anger, poverty, war, love, happiness, and the plethora of emotions that human beings experience.

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SMILE: a Spiritual Tool to Transform Stress

In the words of the Siddha:

“A smile from the soul is spiritual relaxation.”

The Siddha suggests that we learn to smile in the sweet way of a child to make everything bright and beautiful around us.

Every time we smile at someone, we are bringing a beautiful gift of peace to that person. It brings sunshine into their lives.

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