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Heal Yourself, Be Yourself: The Power of Earthing

Sometimes, the deepest and most profound truths and energy-based practices can be found in the simplest and most gracefully elegant of ways.

Take the notion of Grounding — or Earthing — for instance: mostly forgotten in this day and age, the idea that we are intrinsically connected to our planet in countless physical and ethereal ways is considered redundant by many and not even considered at all by most. Yet, our bodies are biological pearls of wonder and mystery, connected to Earth and her elements in every way possible.

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How To Truly Love Your Body

Healing begins when we are able to understand that the world around us is created by the thoughts and feelings we choose to agree with, encourage, and tie our emotions to.

The body and mind respond to the quality of food and the kind of emotions we feed them. It is time we treat our body and mind with responsibility.

The human body is a magnificent, mysterious being of immense wisdom. Connecting with the body’s wisdom brings greater healing on all levels of consciousness.

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