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For the Sake of All Beings

As humanity, our collective consciousness is soaking in pain. We have so many things that we think is a bother in life, people are unpleasant, the government is rotten, the education system is no good, the weather is horrible.

Annoyed and offended with everything, it is either too hot, or too cold, too fat or too tall, or allergic to everything out there, or outraged by the actions done by someone, the pain we hold within is constantly trying to find our what is wrong with the world. And most of the time the mind comes up with the idea of getting rid of whatever is causing the unpleasantness, right from mosquitoes to the government.

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The Synthesis of Creation

Have you ever had the experience of trying to explain something that you are in the process of learning to someone that is wanting to hear what you have to say?

They can feel that you have changed. They want to know more — you just may have a key or piece of the puzzle for them, too — and the best you can do is blurt out all of the things you have been trying to grasp, using the words you have been hearing or reading from teachers and others on your path, but you haven’t integrated or synthesized into a new or unified whole just yet.

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A New Beginning for All Creation

What would you put in a time capsule to explain to future generations, this transformational process we are going through now?

This question was asked of me recently and this is what flowed out of my heart, speaking in the plural as a literary device to answer this question for all of humanity. A wonderful exercise of expression and exploration which I offer to my fellow human travelers and future generations – from my heart to yours, in appreciation of who you are and for sharing this amazing journey during this grand shift in consciousness.

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