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Grounding & Kakras vs. Chakras

With dozens upon dozens of ‘New Age’ grounding & earthing techniques out there, how do we know where to look for truth? In this Rising Clip, Kwan Yin explains how simple truth can be, and discusses how to effortlessly connect to Gaia, while also touching upon the Kakra system and its differences in comparison to the ‘false light’ Chakra system.

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The Lemurian Flower of Life Grid

I’d like to take this opportunity to make you aware of our three inaugural “Ascension Hangouts”, which we recently created on The Rising Way’s AscendoSphere (the official name of our Members & Subscribers Area).

In case you have not had a chance to watch these videos yet, the next four and a half hours might just be a pivotal turning point in your spiritual, energetic and metaphysical awakening!

These three broadcasts can in essence be seen as a trilogy and should be watched in order for best understanding of the material.

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The Unconditional Approach (Videocast)

Enjoy this 45 minute, very spontaneous talk between Kwan Yin and Orchid Rising on a plethora of topics! It began as a ten minute clip but gosh, we just had so much to say!

YouTube video blocked in your country?

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A Meditation For the Mind (Podcast)

In this follow-up to Lao Tze’s lecture, “Meditation for the Mind”, Kwan Yin and The Rising Way Team, a group of dedicated students walking the path of personal ascension, discuss their experiences listening to the lecture, which – according to Kwan Yin – came in like a sledgehammer.

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A Meditation For the Mind (Lecture by Lao Tze)

In this podcast created for ascension students and subscribers of The Rising Way, Kwan Yin introduces Lao Tze, who delivers a no-holds-barred lecture which is a must for anyone who hears the call of their Soul to walk the path of personal ascension, a path that is re-opening planet wide for all who freely choose it.

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