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How Can I Forgive a Loved One For Moving On?

Upon reading my article Forgiveness and the Power of Ho’oponopono, one of our readers asked me:

“I feel like I have been done wrong. My wife left me just after I had surgery on my leg. Coming home after recovery, I broke my leg and lost my hip as a consequence. If my wife had been there for me, this would not have happened.

I resent that she can so easily move on and I feel that I will never be able to. How can I possibly forgive her?”

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Judgement: The Blame Game

“Judgments are preconceived ideas and with that we determine our reality.” – Lao Tze

We humans are full of judgment — about self but mostly about others and the reality around us. We judge all the time, whether we are aware of it or not. We deem something right or wrong, beautiful or ugly, good or bad, merely because we are living in a dualistic reality.

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How To Truly Love Your Body

Healing begins when we are able to understand that the world around us is created by the thoughts and feelings we choose to agree with, encourage, and tie our emotions to.

The body and mind respond to the quality of food and the kind of emotions we feed them. It is time we treat our body and mind with responsibility.

The human body is a magnificent, mysterious being of immense wisdom. Connecting with the body’s wisdom brings greater healing on all levels of consciousness.

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