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How Can I Connect With My Divinity Within?

Some dear friends have been asking this question and so I am sharing the solutions that helped me in an amazing way:

“I am going through so much pain in my relationships. I want to forgive and forget everything and everyone, but I don’t know how to apply it in the real world and for all situations.”


Thank you for sharing your heart with me, my friend.

For eons because of the fall in consciousness, the only illusion on this planet is forgetting our Divinity. Since many are unconscious of being unconscious, they keep on doing things that are not relevant to true human nature.

True human nature is kindness, compassion, and truth.

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2015: Show Up, Own Up and Step Up!

2015 is characterised by an energy markedly different to the ‘norm’ of the past three years. The Uranus/Pluto square which began in 2012 comes to a close in 2015, having made its presence unremittingly felt by so many of us. Lives have been turned upside down, perspectives forever shifted, circumstances reshaped beyond recognition.

We have lost the things, people and places we thought we could never live without and discovered new ways of being we thought were never possible. Some people have been touched more deeply than others. Some in resoundingly positive ways. Others have faced what has looked and felt like devastation. In very basic terms Uranus is sudden, unavoidable change and Pluto is destructive and/or creative power.

When these two work together shocks and surprises are guaranteed, as is rebirth from the rubble of destruction and the possibility of a new life if we rise to the challenge and steel ourselves to ride the waves and see where we finally come to rest.

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