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Gratitude Is the Way

When we are in the place of Gratitude, our body, mind and soul go through a tremendous healing. We become empowered by Gratitude. Consciously holding the attitude of Gratitude is the grandest prayer. It magnifies good feelings and brings joyous things to us in lightning speed.

Three years ago we moved to the South of Texas. The land had been experiencing a bitter drought and it was a record break of more than a 100 degree temperatures for more than 70 days. We had moved from North Carolina with its green trees everywhere, and Texas was a tumble-weeded contrast.

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The Difference Between Belief & Trust

Belief is intellectual, it involves thinking, and it is a learned conditioning from the outside world. Fear arises out of beliefs. Trust is created by conscious knowing of truth from within.

Trust does not involve thinking as it only needs ones awareness. It is the innocence of a baby who trusts its mother without any doubt. Love arises out of trust.

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A Warm Welcome

The warmest of greetings from myself and all of us at The Rising Way! Can’t tell you how excited Kwan Yin, the rest of the team and I are to keep expanding our work now that we have started! Butterflies….(well, me at least)….but good ones!

We have so much to share! Seems that each time we speak together we add more topics. Guess we better get started!

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An Exercise in Unconditional Love

Each time you are outside, or at work, or in the park, or even when you are watching television or reading a magazine, whenever you see a human being, cancel out all ‘random thought’ (which is often pre-programmed into you in some way, form or shape by past experience and the input of the society around you) and instead simply repeat internally, while looking quietly at the person:

“This man is my brother” or “This woman is my sister”.

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