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Wake Up and Create Grandness

We are beloved children of the Universe, and the Universe takes care of all our needs in amazing ways. It is wonderful to know that the moment a situation is placed in front of us, the Universe provides us with the capability to deal with it.

This concept is true all the time in every situation. It may be a situation where we need to pay back our loans, or it may be a challenging exam, or interview, or a challenging relationship, or health problem, anything.

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I Am Life (Meditation by Kwan Yin)

“I AM LIFE” is a collaboration between Kwan Yin (lyrics & vocals) and Lotus (music) and brings a succinct, 15-minutes long audio & video journey to the Core Truth of the Soul: that you are Life itself.

The experience is designed to remove Past, Present and Future Contracts from your existence on your way to Sovereignty.

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A Meditation For the Mind (Lecture by Lao Tze)

In this podcast created for ascension students and subscribers of The Rising Way, Kwan Yin introduces Lao Tze, who delivers a no-holds-barred lecture which is a must for anyone who hears the call of their Soul to walk the path of personal ascension, a path that is re-opening planet wide for all who freely choose it.

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You Are the Universe (Meditation by Kwan Yin)

In this new Mer-Ka-Ba meditation by Kwan Yin, created for the Subscriber Area of The Rising Way and now offered publicly as a free gift, you are invited to step into your Universal Self by activating the Inter-Creational relationship between you and everything that surrounds you.

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