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A Meditation For the Mind (Podcast)

In this follow-up to Lao Tze’s lecture, “Meditation for the Mind”, Kwan Yin and The Rising Way Team, a group of dedicated students walking the path of personal ascension, discuss their experiences listening to the lecture, which – according to Kwan Yin – came in like a sledgehammer.

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We are the Thoughts and Beliefs we choose to empower.  And on this planet, in this moment, there are over ten thousand belief systems we can incorporate into our consciousness and reality.

As an inspirational author and speaker, I am devoted to one thing: assisting others to claim their own power and find their own unique and powerful paths in life.

As I always say — Listen to everyone, but follow NO ONE. Believe only what works for you. And never let others tell you how to experience this reality or how to connect with Creation.

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Find Yourself In Stillness

If we want to accelerate our soul’s evolution—there are times when the best thing for us to do is to slow down.

Might sound counterintuitive but it’s true.

We think life is about movement but actually life is stillness.

In this stillness, we encounter our sovereignty.

It feels more important now than ever to take the time to heal ourselves from the deluge of programming we have been fed for a lifetime—fed to us by media which we no longer trust, fed to us by virtually every institution on the planet.

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