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The Head Kakra (Akonai) and the Mind

One of our dear subscribers asked me the following questions:

“Is it the mind that creates all the illusions about our identity and personality (material reality), or does it only create them when the three kakras are not balanced – when the heart and the belly kakra are shut down so that we only operate from the mind and as such don’t realize the illusion it creates, preventing us from seeing the truth?

And when the three kakras are balanced, can the mind then know the truth or does it always create illusions?

Can I see the head kakra as the mind or are these two very different? “

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Beyond Good or Bad

According to the TAO:

“When people see some things as good, other things become bad.”

In this world of duality consciousness, we have practiced our minds to see some things as good and some things as bad. Also, the mind has a storehouse of filed ideas and thoughts about good and bad as perceived by our senses and as taught by society. We are the Creators and the organizers of this entire play of good or bad.

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How Can I Forgive a Loved One For Moving On?

Upon reading my article Forgiveness and the Power of Ho’oponopono, one of our readers asked me:

“I feel like I have been done wrong. My wife left me just after I had surgery on my leg. Coming home after recovery, I broke my leg and lost my hip as a consequence. If my wife had been there for me, this would not have happened.

I resent that she can so easily move on and I feel that I will never be able to. How can I possibly forgive her?”

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