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The Transcendental Object at the End of Time (Terence McKenna)

Terence Kemp McKenna was an author, lecturer, philosopher, and shamanic explorer of the realm of psychedelic states. He spoke and wrote about a variety of subjects, including metaphysics, alchemy, language, culture, technology, and the theoretical origins of human consciousness. He has been described by some as being “so far out, nobody knows what he’s talking about”, and by others as “the most innovative thinker of our times”.

To shake us out of our perceptual torpor, McKenna played the holy fool, the crazy wisdom sage. He pushed our faces in the most exotic, lurid inventions of modern science and technology. What elevated him above most other prophets was that he delivered his prophesies with a wink, an implicit acknowledgement that ultimately reality is stranger than we CAN suppose.

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The Energy of the Universe

Vortex Based Mathematics: the source of the non decaying spin of the electron. Harnessing the energy of the universe and mapping it in three dimensional space.

According to Kwan Yin & Ascended Life, Randy Powell is onto something big here: it ties into the Flower of Life geometry grid. Together with one of the crew, Kwan Yin is currently preparing the visuals for an in-depth scientific video that will show you how free, limitless energy can be opened up by tapping into the Flower of Life geometry grid in the form of the torus vortex field. We are hoping to release this video in the coming one or two weeks.

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Working With the Moon Cycles

For thousands of years people lived largely in harmony with the rhythms of nature to ensure their survival. Keeping pace with the course of the moon, they were able to predict the forces that exerted influence on all life forms contributing to the success or failure of everything from planting, harvest, storage, hunting, to healing the body ailments.

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