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The Golden Compass

“I tell you, Leysola, ever since you left, something has opened up. Ever since you left, these people that call themselves ‘human’ have opened themselves up for a rebirth. They have opened themselves up for a completely new experience.”

“All of them?”

“Not yet, but they will.”

“I’ll make sure they will, Solarys! I’ll jump into each and every one of them and I will make them remember… what it was like! What it was like to just be. What it was like to just exist in this beauty!” 

Solarys & Leysola
A Talk With Leysola, Imzaia Classics, Divinity Manifest

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The Head Kakra (Akonai) and the Mind

One of our dear subscribers asked me the following questions:

“Is it the mind that creates all the illusions about our identity and personality (material reality), or does it only create them when the three kakras are not balanced – when the heart and the belly kakra are shut down so that we only operate from the mind and as such don’t realize the illusion it creates, preventing us from seeing the truth?

And when the three kakras are balanced, can the mind then know the truth or does it always create illusions?

Can I see the head kakra as the mind or are these two very different? “

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The Unconditional Approach (Videocast)

Enjoy this 45 minute, very spontaneous talk between Kwan Yin and Orchid Rising on a plethora of topics! It began as a ten minute clip but gosh, we just had so much to say!

YouTube video blocked in your country?

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Spiritual Mind: A Reality Check

The single most important action for awakening humans is shifting from the head to the heart space. On the path of exploring consciousness, we have come to understand the illusory construct of this reality and we know that the only thing real is love.

We all want nothing more than to be in this beautiful and creative space all the time. It is, in essence, what we are.

However, there is this program called personality.
And it has a handler, the ego.

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