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Spirituality Without Religion

Once we embrace any organized belief system it becomes almost impossible to accept any other way of thinking. Unfortunately, this is usually fear based. And fear is the ultimate tool used by cults and religions to control and manipulate its followers.

Most great religions use the same fear tactics that cults use. They convince their followers that some evil will befall them if they look outside of their particular belief system. This creates a powerful grip on the psyches of their followers.

If you’ve been taught that there is a being in the sky that will punish you for looking at life in a different way, then I would suggest that it’s truly time to explore a healthier philosophy.

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How Do I Get to My Place of Power?

Some dear friends asked me…

I am not able to practice affirmations, or any other meditation techniques, with full concentration.

Do you have any suggestions on how to improve on this? How can I create permanent, positive change in these fields of practice?

How do I get to my place of power?

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Find Yourself In Stillness

If we want to accelerate our soul’s evolution—there are times when the best thing for us to do is to slow down.

Might sound counterintuitive but it’s true.

We think life is about movement but actually life is stillness.

In this stillness, we encounter our sovereignty.

It feels more important now than ever to take the time to heal ourselves from the deluge of programming we have been fed for a lifetime—fed to us by media which we no longer trust, fed to us by virtually every institution on the planet.

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