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How Can I Forgive a Loved One For Moving On?

Upon reading my article Forgiveness and the Power of Ho’oponopono, one of our readers asked me:

“I feel like I have been done wrong. My wife left me just after I had surgery on my leg. Coming home after recovery, I broke my leg and lost my hip as a consequence. If my wife had been there for me, this would not have happened.

I resent that she can so easily move on and I feel that I will never be able to. How can I possibly forgive her?”

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You Are the Universe (Meditation by Kwan Yin)

In this new Mer-Ka-Ba meditation by Kwan Yin, created for the Subscriber Area of The Rising Way and now offered publicly as a free gift, you are invited to step into your Universal Self by activating the Inter-Creational relationship between you and everything that surrounds you.

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Magical Reality Creation

We may have a feeling about something, or someone, or a situation…  And then… we can feel things change.

Something has been happening. Some of us are sensing it—a softer reality emerging—gentle, loving, expansive…

We find it easier to see one another as a higher version of ourselves.

And it’s not so difficult to continue to invite one another into this space rather than judging each other.

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A Warm Welcome

The warmest of greetings from myself and all of us at The Rising Way! Can’t tell you how excited Kwan Yin, the rest of the team and I are to keep expanding our work now that we have started! Butterflies….(well, me at least)….but good ones!

We have so much to share! Seems that each time we speak together we add more topics. Guess we better get started!

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