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A New Beginning for All Creation

What would you put in a time capsule to explain to future generations, this transformational process we are going through now?

This question was asked of me recently and this is what flowed out of my heart, speaking in the plural as a literary device to answer this question for all of humanity. A wonderful exercise of expression and exploration which I offer to my fellow human travelers and future generations – from my heart to yours, in appreciation of who you are and for sharing this amazing journey during this grand shift in consciousness.

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Understanding the Moment

In order to have a desired experience in any moment, one must fully understand that any moment one can possibly experience is not just a random happenstance; it is entirely the choice and creation of those experiencing it.

In wishing to have or recapture a certain experience, many people fall into the trap of believing that the moment happens to them, that it has arisen purely by accident, this is simply not the way it works. One is in complete and total control of the type of experience one wishes to have in every moment.

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