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Why Does Violence Exist In this Realm?

A dear friend, troubled by all the recent violent happenings taking place in the world, wrote in and asked this question:

If the Soul writes its Journey prior to birth, then why are some people violent  and criminal? Why does the Soul write about the rape and/or murder of itself or others ?

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An Exercise in Unconditional Love

Each time you are outside, or at work, or in the park, or even when you are watching television or reading a magazine, whenever you see a human being, cancel out all ‘random thought’ (which is often pre-programmed into you in some way, form or shape by past experience and the input of the society around you) and instead simply repeat internally, while looking quietly at the person:

“This man is my brother” or “This woman is my sister”.

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When the Soul Chooses to Move

Understanding the need to ‘leave the old ways and old life behind’ can only be achieved from a completely neutral perspective, not from the perspective of one who feels to have been left behind or one who is in fear about moving within – for surely one must understand that such a belief would imply the illusion of separation, and in its own turn that belief (system) implies that one is choosing to live life from a perspective of limitation and mind.

Of course, mind does not need to be judged as it is a perfect tool for working within THIS reality; only beyond the 3D walls mind cannot perceive that which is truly experienced. As such, a dichotomy is created and those operating from the level of mind will then usually retreat to the safe and well-known spaces of life.

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