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From Thoughts to Conscious Resonance

Thoughts are not your own; they are a mere reaction to an outside environment that you do not see as you. Thoughts exist because you have displaced yourselves from the world around you.

If you see yourself as one with your world, if you see that the rocks you sit on, that the sky that you look at, that all the waves kissing the sand of all the beaches you have ever walked, indeed, that all of this is within you and that you are within all of this, then there is no need for thought.

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How ‘REAL’ Is Your Metaphysics? — PART 1

How do you experience the practical side of your spiritual nature? Do you feel that you apply your metaphysical principles to your life in a direct and empowering way? How far are you willing to go? And what could be holding you back still, if anything?

Let’s take a look at the following statement, for instance:

“Everything is already inside of You.
You are already inside of Everything.”

Many may be aware of this simple yet impactful bit of knowledge, as it is often used to explain away a lot of different notions of esoteric and cosmic studies. But most do not know what to do with it or have no idea how to apply it to their lives in a practical way and on a consistent basis.

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Resolving Discord and Creating Grandness

Do you notice repeated occurrences in life, the very situation we try to avoid comes back and visits us again and again? Even if we try to change our place, our jobs, our relationships, even if we try to hide, the same situation comes back to visit us in another person, or in another form.

Sometimes we try to help someone resolve a bad situation, and suddenly we find ourselves in the same situation.

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A Thoughtful Exercise

Working with and on your thoughts and belief systems is the easiest and at the same time hardest exercise in self-empowerment you can embark on.

To begin, just sit down in a place of your convenience, or take a walk, and ask yourself these questions, while letting the answers come from the deepest place within yourself that you can allow yourself to communicate from:

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