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Spheres of Beauty & Kindness

Being on the Ascension Path, under the guidance of Ascended Life, I often witness within myself and others that we can lift ourselves up in a major way when we allow a piece of truth to come in when we are in the mental realm.

If we just continue to focus on this upward spiral within ourselves and we continue to expand with it, we easily reach a place of love and balance within ourselves as we re-enter the field that Ascended Life calls tonal space. The weight is lifted. We can thrive again and continue to expand on our path with all the magical tasks and assignments that have been given to us.

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Wake Up and Create Grandness

We are beloved children of the Universe, and the Universe takes care of all our needs in amazing ways. It is wonderful to know that the moment a situation is placed in front of us, the Universe provides us with the capability to deal with it.

This concept is true all the time in every situation. It may be a situation where we need to pay back our loans, or it may be a challenging exam, or interview, or a challenging relationship, or health problem, anything.

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