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We are the Thoughts and Beliefs we choose to empower.  And on this planet, in this moment, there are over ten thousand belief systems we can incorporate into our consciousness and reality.

As an inspirational author and speaker, I am devoted to one thing: assisting others to claim their own power and find their own unique and powerful paths in life.

As I always say — Listen to everyone, but follow NO ONE. Believe only what works for you. And never let others tell you how to experience this reality or how to connect with Creation.

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Rising Life: The Fallacy of Either/Or Thinking

The realization of our potential to rise as individuals and as a species is inevitable, as cosmic changes continue to assist us in returning to our authentic state as multidimensional beings, connected through the heart space to all life.

As more and more of us learn to consciously embody the truth of who we are and emit this truth—since everything we do affects the whole—the house of cards on which the external or physical world’s system of limitation and control is built will eventually fall.

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Cutting the Vibrational Strings

In the original, channeled version of The Cosmic Manifest in 2007 and before —as well as through various other channels— we were told that the rise of consciousness and the changes that would occur in reality would create tremendous chaos at first.

Many people would lose it, so to speak, and madness would take centre stage. Well, I don’t know about you, but from my perspective, this prophecy is undeniably coming to pass.

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On Creating Tonal Resonance

Your vibration precedes your thoughts, which are part of — and partially the result of — your vibration.

Vibration does not reside in the animal mind but in the higher, divine mind of the heart: this is where your feelings emanate from and intersect with your personal reality.

The animal mind — and this is no surprise — only has the capacity to translate vibration into emotion and, in turn, emotion into matter.

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