An Exercise in Unconditional Love

Each time you are outside, or at work, or in the park, or even when you are watching television or reading a magazine, whenever you see a human being, cancel out all ‘random thought’ (which is often pre-programmed into you in some way, form or shape by past experience and the input of the society around you) and instead simply repeat internally, while looking quietly at the person:

“This man is my brother” or “This woman is my sister”.

If you can, touch the center of your chest (not the physical heart, but the center of the chest) with your index, middle and ring finger held together, gently rubbing your heart area as you repeat this thought.

It does not matter whether you know the people you are witnessing or you don’t. Do it on the tram or the bus, do it in the mall, do it while you are somewhere waiting in line. Do it everywhere.

You will notice reality change around you, not only in your observations of it, but also in your interaction with other people and the situations that come your way.

You will notice that you decrease the hardship of those around you and yourself significantly over a short period of time, when practiced consistently.

It will remove any so-called ‘overriding thoughts’ that make you feel things that are not natural to you.

Ultimately, after some time and practice, and once you feel comfortable with this way of looking at things, you could decide to start adding the colour violet to your thoughts as you surround yourself and those that you are witnessing. It will increase the love vibration as well as ensuring that you are in control of your own self.

Ultimately, once the Brother/Sister principle has been fully integrated into your actual way of being, there is a second phase to this practice where you no longer distinguish between genders.

Instead, continue the practice in the same way but internally say “This is a Soul. I am a Soul. We are infinitely close. We are one Heart” or something similar to which you feel drawn and comfortable.

Once you reach this level of practice, you can include animals, plants, inanimate objects and even natural phenomena into your practice, to, last but not least, reach the stage where you can see and feel infinite, creative love for all of Earth in your Heart.

You create your own reality.
Spread Love.

Kwan Yin

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